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Daniel Reinertsen is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home guitar and piano lessons in the Dallas area.
Musicians Institute
Encore Program
Daniel Reinertsen
Guitar, Piano

As a musician since 2003, Daniel Reinertsen possesses unmatched passion for all things music.

He attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood and successfully completed their Encore Program in 2007. He then started teaching in 2008 and has sought to instill a love for both music and learning in his students ever since.

Daniel specializes in rock and metal but adds a distinct blues-style undertone and musicality to his playing, and he is also happy to explore other genres and styles with his students. Daniel has experience with classical guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass, and piano. Regardless of the instrument, Daniel emphasizes building a strong foundation of music theory and technique.

In addition to teaching, Daniel has been involved in many other aspects of the music industry. He worked for a major music retailer for over a decade which has only added to his insight and knowledge. Daniel also has ample performance experience, as his original band rapidly gained popularity in the Southern California House of Blues music scene before he moved to Dallas in 2021.

Daniel wants prospective students to know that there are many genres of music you can play, but in order to get good at any of them, you have to be good at the essentials. Daniel teaches his students to master the basics then hone in on their own personal style.

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