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James is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home guitar, voice, violin, flute, and saxophone lessons in the Dallas area.
California State University
Bachelor in Music
James Vermilya
Guitar, Voice, Violin, Flute, Saxophone

James Vermilya's background is in substitute teaching, all subjects, but especially in elementary general music teaching. Throughout the years he has had several private saxophone, flute and guitar students and has taught Mariachi as well as middle and high school band and choir.

James has played professionally in Southern California and Oregon, primarily as a saxophone soloist, and is highly regarded by band leaders, fellow musicians, and audience members as one of the most effective, dynamic and entertaining musicians they have had the pleasure to work with and listen to. James's goals as an instrumental music instructor vary depending on the student's needs and wishes, but it is important to him that each student is able to access the instrument quickly enough to have fun and feel accomplishment from the very beginning.

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