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Brianna Davis is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home piano and violin lessons in the Dallas area.
The University of Texas at Dallas
Bachelor of Science
Business Administration
Brianna Davis
Piano, Violin

Brianna Davis started her musical journey at age three when her grandma started teaching her the very basics of piano. Later, a visiting violinist at her church sparked her interest in learning to play an instrument. Once she was old enough, her parents enrolled her in both formal piano and violin lessons. She grew up performing in GMTA events, church orchestras, worship bands, and private events. She also took the Texas state theory exam, earning a gold medal every year. Her teachers made sure she received a well-rounded musical education with a strong focus on technique and theory.

She started teaching piano at age sixteen, maintaining her own private studio through college. Following graduation from UT Dallas in 2016, she moved overseas to teach ESL. As a business major that loved to teach, she quickly became an instructor and manager for the lessons department of a high-volume studio in Plano. Following the pandemic, she spent a year as an English teacher before transitioning back into teaching music. Her current goals are to certify as a Texas educator and earn her DELTA certification.

She specializes in classical music and accompanying choral groups with a strong focus on theory and building good practice habits. She enjoys playing Baroque and early Classical-era music, particularly anything by Haydn as it’s just "fun to play and very challenging." She also enjoys contemporary music, especially The Piano Guys. Her favorite genres to listen to are country and alternative rock.

"Music is so important. I don’t know where I’d be without it. My teaching philosophy is that every student deserves my very best because that’s what my teachers gave me. I want to invest in each of my students and help them find their passion and experience the joy of making music."

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