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Santeri is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home Guitar lessons in the Dallas area.
University of Texas
Bachelor of Music
Santeri Mettovaara

Santeri graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Music degree specifically in performance and jazz studies. He has been playing the guitar since 2007 while also enjoying the electric bass and piano and singing baritone.

Santeri has played with various different groups, including the UTA Jazz Ensemble and the a local Dallas indie rock band.
He has performed with groups and by himself in many different venues in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

As a teacher, Santeri's approach to music instruction is to evaluate a student's level and see which specific method and/or method book works best for the student. He has taught private lessons in various different settings and music schools, and enjoys teaching every style of guitar. Santeri makes sure that the lessons include an experience which allows the student to both learn new things about music and apply previously learned concepts.

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