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Eric Chen is an accomplished musician teaching private in-home piano lessons in the Dallas area.
University of Texas at Dallas
Music Minor
Classically Trained: 20+ Years
Eric Chen

Eric Chen began learning to read music at age 3 and started piano lessons at age 4. Originally, he began studying piano because his mother wanted him to learn, but over time it became a hobby that he genuinely enjoyed, instilling in him a great appreciation for music and a profound joy in playing.

Throughout middle school and high school, Eric played the cello in addition to piano, eventually making it to the Texas All-State Philharmonic Orchestra in his junior year. He practiced both instruments fervently, although he focused more on piano. In high school, Eric attended many competitions and won a multitude of accolades, one of which culminated in him winning the Grand Prize of the Dallas Symphonic Festival, whereupon he performed with the Meadows Orchestra at Southern Methodist University. This constitutes one of his most memorable experiences in music; the joy of getting to perform a concerto with a full orchestra was truly something to behold. Throughout his middle and high school years, Eric performed in recitals every semester with the SMU Preparatory Piano Department under the tutelage of Dr. Catherine Lysinger.

In addition to studying his own repertoire, Eric also works as an accompanist, performing gigs with many students for various Plano, Allen, and Frisco schools' solo and ensemble festivals. After hearing him play, a few young students became interested in his playing and asked him to teach, which started his foray into piano teaching. As a piano teacher, Eric wishes to teach his students good form, posture, technique, and musicality in piano playing to ensure that they are able to enjoy  making music on the piano as much as possible.

As of spring 2020, Eric is a senior studying at the University of Texas at Dallas with a completed minor in music.

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