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In Home Music Teachers prides itself in its excellent quality service, the ability to match students and teachers, the promotion of fun and productive lessons, and the results nurturing a lifelong art. We guarantee you'll be impressed: After your first lesson, if you're not satisfied for any reason, you'll have the option to either meet a new teacher or cancel and owe us nothing
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Lessons we teach include:

Piano Guitar Violin
Voice Drums Bass
Clarinet Saxophone Tuba
Flute Trumpet Oboe
French Horn Trombone More...


COVID-19 Update and
Online-lessons Announcement

WE ARE OPEN! We are continuing to offer private one-on-one lessons and are also offering high-quality live-streamed lessons online. Musicians are among the hardest hit groups, and we're striving to keep them working. Music lessons and practicing an instrument are excellent ways to occupy your children's time in an enriching way at home. Contact us today to get started right away.

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Find your voice through professional voice lessons from In Home Music Teachers. Learn valuable warm up exercises that will help reduce vocal strain and injury. Learn proper breathing techniques that will result in a controlled breath through coordination of the diaphragm and increased airflow and breath capacity.

Students will develop the skills necessary to shape their voice with roundness of sound, resonation and increased vocal tone and find their own unique sound. Students will also work with their private voice instructor on sight-reading and ear training to deepening their understanding of the music before bringing it to life in song.

To register for voice lessons, contact Washington, DC In Home Music Teachers at 202-568-6546 or fill out our Lesson Request Form online, and we'll be happy to match you with one of our professional teachers, answer any questions or help you register for lessons.

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