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Sue Yoon is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home piano lessons in the Washington, DC area.
Ewha Womans University
Bachelor: Music Education
Sue Yoon

Sue Yoon is a distinguished piano teacher with a multifaceted background in music education, performance, and leadership. Currently, she serves as a faculty member at a Christian college, where she imparts knowledge in liberal arts classes such as "Transformative Power of Music," "Introduction to Education," "Introduction to Psychology," and "Film Project_Art in Action."

With a Bachelor of Music Education and a Doctor of Divinity, complemented by counseling and music therapy certificates, Sue brings a wealth of academic and practical expertise to her teaching role. Her commitment to excellence in education is evident in her hands-on approach, where she meticulously selects appropriate music and provides creative direction to her students.

Beyond the classroom, Sue is a visiting pianist for diverse musical performances and a vocal arts minister, boasting extensive experience as a worship and choir director. Her repertoire spans a wide range of genres, enabling her to craft and deliver music tailored to various events and audiences, whether intimate gatherings or large-scale productions.

Sue's leadership extends beyond musical performance, as she endeavors to build bridges between performance and servant leadership. She fosters a serving culture and promotes a better understanding of multicultural environments, enriching the educational experience for her students and colleagues alike.

As a cheerful and inspirational teacher, Sue motivates and encourages her students to deliver truly incredible work, instilling in them a passion for music and a dedication to excellence. With her strong singing voice and proficiency as both a classic and electronic pianist, she exemplifies versatility and skill in her craft.

In summary, Sue Yoon is a consummate professional whose dedication to music education, performance, and leadership enriches the lives of those she teaches and inspires.

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