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Shelton Siegel is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home piano lessons in the Washington, DC area.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Bachelor of Music
Shelton Siegel

Shelton Siegel is a seasoned pianist with a lifelong dedication to musical excellence. His journey with the piano began at the age of 4, and he has since cultivated his passion into a remarkable career. Shelton holds a Bachelor of Music degree with a specialization in piano performance from the prestigious University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

His musical expertise traverses a vast spectrum, spanning from the intricacies of Baroque compositions to contemporary masterpieces. Shelton's versatility is evident as he navigates effortlessly through the works of Bach to the complexities of Rzewski. His profound interest extends beyond classical realms, delving into the rich tapestry of both classical and popular music history.

During his academic tenure at UNL, Shelton showcased his talent and dedication by participating in esteemed competitions such as the MTNA solo competition and the undergraduate concerto competition. His commitment to excellence has taken him across borders, where he honed his skills at summer piano institutes in Vienna, Austria, and Xanthi, Greece.

Shelton's musical prowess extends beyond solo performances, demonstrating proficiency in chamber music, musical direction within the realm of musical theater, and choral arrangements. Despite being relatively new to the field of teaching, Shelton Siegel is deeply passionate about imparting his knowledge to aspiring musicians at every level. He is confident that his diverse range of musical interests and experiences can inspire students to set and achieve their unique goals.

In his teaching approach, Shelton emphasizes key elements such as steadiness, rhythmic accuracy, tone production, dynamics, ear-training, music theory, and music history. These facets are thoughtfully integrated into lessons for students of all ages, fostering a comprehensive and enriching learning experience. With Shelton as their guide, students are encouraged to explore their musical potential and embark on a fulfilling journey of artistic growth.

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