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Kevin Hutt is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home piano and violin lessons in the Washington, DC area.
National Chengchi University
Master of Arts
Asia-Pacific Studies
American University
Bachelor of Arts
International Relations
Kevin Hutt
Piano, Violin

Kevin Hutt is an accomplished and versatile musician, known for his exceptional skills as a classically trained pianist and violinist. With an impressive career spanning over 20 years, Kevin's musical journey began at the tender age of 8 when he embarked on private violin and piano lessons. His passion for music soon became evident, leading his father to enroll him in the prestigious Peabody Preparatory Program in 2006. It was at Peabody where Kevin's talent truly flourished as he delved deep into the intricacies of violin, piano, and music theory under the tutelage of esteemed instructors.

Throughout his educational pursuits, Kevin's dedication to his craft was exemplified by his participation in an array of musical ensembles. Notably, he was an integral part of various prestigious groups such as the Long Reach High School Orchestra and Choir, Long Reach High School Madrigals, Maryland All State Orchestra/Choir, Howard County GT Orchestra and Choir, Peabody Violin Choir, Peabody Youth Orchestra, and the Prince George's Philharmonic.

During his higher education journey, Kevin continued to hone his craft and refine his musical expertise. Notably, he served as the associate concert master of the esteemed American University Symphony Orchestra. Kevin further expanded his knowledge and skill set, delving deeper into the nuances of violin and piano performance.

In addition to his own musical achievements, Kevin's passion for teaching is unmistakable. With an innate ability to connect with students and a patient approach, Kevin has been instrumental in guiding numerous aspiring musicians on their own musical journeys. His teaching methodology emphasizes not only technical proficiency but also fosters a deep appreciation for music and its transformative power. Kevin's students have consistently praised his ability to instill confidence and help them transcend their musical boundaries, propelling them to new heights in their artistic endeavors.

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