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Josh Tenner is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home guitar and bass lessons in the Washington, DC area.
Towson University
Bachelor of Science
Josh Tenner
Guitar, Bass

Josh Tenner's lifelong journey in music began when he unwrapped his first guitar on a Christmas morning as a child. This initial spark ignited a passion that has since evolved into a multifaceted career spanning performance, education, and audio production.

In his formative years, Josh drew inspiration from legendary classic rock acts such as Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin. However, his musical horizons broadened during his college years, leading him to explore the intricate realms of classical and jazz guitar. For several years, he diligently studied and performed these genres, cementing his status as a versatile musician.

Josh's passion for music extended beyond the stage and into the studio. He pursued his Bachelor's degree in audio production, developing a keen ear for recording engineering. His hands-on experience includes collaborating with both local talents and globally renowned musicians, such as Oz Noy, Dennis Chambers, and Nate Smith.

Today, Josh takes pride in nurturing the next generation of musicians, sharing his knowledge and helping students find their unique musical voices. As an educator, Josh offers a diverse range of courses, including guitar and bass instruction, music theory, vocal coaching, recording techniques, and songwriting. He firmly believes that every student's musical journey should be centered on their interests, ensuring a dynamic and enjoyable learning environment.

Above all, Josh Tenner subscribes to the belief that with unwavering passion and dedicated effort, anyone can become a remarkable musician, regardless of when they decide to pick up an instrument.

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