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David Nassau is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home guitar, bass, drum and piano lessons in the Washington, DC area.
Performing since 2001
David Nassau
Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano

David Nassau is a musician, actor and singer-songwriter.

He started playing drums at age 16 and guitar at age 18. He is a seasoned drummer and rhythm guitarist and bassist. He can also teach beginner piano.

He has an MBA in Slavic Studies and International Relations. It was during this time he became convinced that he should pursue a music career. After graduating he decided to become a musician in Los Angeles, CA where he worked with talented people like Todd Taylor, Mike Giangreco and Melrose Larry. David currently lives in the Washignton DC area and is making contacts in the local scene.

As a teacher, he puts more emphasis on practice than on theory. Depending on the student's level, he encourages him or her to tune his instruments on his own, listen to popular, as well as obscure songs, read notes and tabs (depending on the instrument) and, above all, practice, practice, practice. It's nice to know about Mixolydian and Khamaj scales, but without application, one doesn't learn.

His lesson plans are highly customisable depending on the student's level and needs.

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