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Daniel Kehoe is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home bass, drum, guitar, piano and ukulele lessons in the DC area.
Towson university
Bachelor of Science: Music
Daniel Kehoe
Bass, Drum, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele

Daniel Kehoe is a multi-instrumentalist from the Maryland and DC area. Specializing in bass, drums and guitar, Daniel has been playing since 2007 and has been performing in the DC area since 2012. Daniel started out with clarinet in 4th grade, and quickly began to branch out to other instruments, like the bass and piano, so he could keep up with his friends who were beginning to pick up guitars and drums. By high school, he was already playing bass in a handful of bands with his friends as well as participating in the traditional school music programs. By the end of high school, Daniel was a student musical director for the school's music productions and a teacher’s aide in music classes like Jazz Band and Music Theory.

In college, Daniel studied at Towson University, and graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Music. While in Towson, Daniel studied a wide range of musical applications including jazz performance, composition, improvisation and recording engineering. Studying in Towson also provided opportunities to gig around the Baltimore area and make connections with fellow students and musicians. Daniel loves to perform and will take all types of gigs ranging from jazz to heavy metal to top 40 wedding bands and anything in between. One of his favorite memories from his time at Towson was playing with saxophonist Dave Liebman in his Improvisation class.

Daniel has been inspired by a lot of great teachers from his past. Most notably, his high school band director who introduced him to jazz, gave students opportunities to have masterclasses with professional musicians, play as a group in the local community, and even go on a trip up to New York City one winter. His passion for music and sharing it with others has made the biggest impact on Daniel and his teaching style. Daniel also takes inspiration from his first bass teacher who he ended up working with at the same teaching facility years down the road. From teacher to colleague, his knowledge and easy-going nature had a big impact on Daniel.

Daniel's teaching style combines lessons learned from his past teachers with personal experience he has had in his musical career. He prefers an easy going and relaxed approach. In a world where people can be pressured to show results and linear progress, Daniel knows that progress and learning can take many shapes and forms and there should be no pressure when coming to each lesson. Music is a fun and exciting language that can provide so much for a person's life, whether your dream is to play at Carnegie Hall, at a campfire with friends, or even just for your own personal enjoyment. Daniel simply wants to help spread the joy and wonder that music has brought to his life and looks forward to helping you find that joy in your lessons.

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