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Alex Houston is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Washington, D.C. area.
Liberty University
Bachelor of Arts: Elementary Education
10 years of Professional Classical Training
Alex Houston
Piano, Guitar

For as long as she can remember, Alex Houston' s primary passion in life has been music. She was classically trained in piano for over a decade and has been playing it for nearly twenty years. She also plays guitar as a secondary instrument and has studied that for ten years. 

Her passion for teaching began simply by teaching a few neighbors that were interested in lessons. Soon, it grew into a full-time endeavour that has blossomed over the past decade. 

Alex believes strongly in a multi-pronged approach to teaching. Students must learn to read music, but ear training and the development of aural skills are important as well. Alex uses a classical based method book for the former, and allows the later to blossom through teaching the chords of popular songs. She finds that students love this approach because they get to incorporate their personal musical interests into some of their lessons without compromising the learning process.

As an educator, Alex uses a personalized approach, honoring each individual student and his or her unique learning style. Some students will move through a book in a matter of months, others can take a whole year, and that is okay! Patience coupled with understanding, experience, and uniqueness make Alex a fantastic teacher for students of all ages and learning styles.

In addition to teaching lessons, Alex enjoys singing in open mic nights, practicing and performing on piano or guitar, singing for her church, and writing her own music.

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